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My supplier for cockpits components..
The A320 cockpit builder pioneer who, now, leads the company above and helps the cockpit buildef community with skilled advices.
A well established american forum about air security which includes a sub-forum for air simulation enthusiasts.
This site contains images and detailed explanations about each cockpit component for several aircraft types, A320 in particular. It is thanks to this site that I have been abble to implement the 1:1 scale images of overhead panel for my cockpit n 2.
An international forum (based in United Kingdom) for professional pilots. You can learn a incredible amount of things about technical and pilots way of life. The important events in the area of air transportation are widely commented.
The reseller for France and Europe of the EPIC board. A market PC daughter board implementing interface between switches or numeric displays of the cockpit and the PCs.
This site homes the IOCards project, an other interface board. This set of cards is appreciably less expensive than the previous reference as it is not a fully commercial project.
The Magenta project site. Excellent producer of software to add intelligence to the cockpits. You can also find freewares ans sharewares related to cockpit building there. It is on this site that I found WidevieW (see herunder).
Site of the father of the software WidevieW which allowd to communicate betwwen a PC server and several PC clients working in cooperation under Microsoft Flight Simulator. I used the freeware release for FS2002 on my cockpit n 2. Unforunately, you are now charged for the FS2004 release.
The french forum for air simulation enthusiasts.
The site of the conceptor and implementor of A320 panel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004 (freeware). This program, associated with A320 project flight model, manages the flight instuments and the cockpit sounds. It is a remarkable work. I have used it on my cockpit n 2.
The site of a great non-professional photographer who I love much.
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